EXCLUSIVE: Leaked Syrian Army top secret strategy plans


DAMASCUS – Professional military strategy maps from the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) were leaked today by a confidential source close to President Assad.

The source claims that the maps show future territorial control in Syria if some or all of the SAA’s strategies come to fruition and that they are “basically the SAA’s ideas on how to win the war”.

The maps are supposedly the result of years of military study, valuable previous experience and application of advanced military doctrine by the SAA’s top commanders.

In this exclusive feature we give you insight into the leaked material, you may click the images to enlarge them for a more detailed tactical context.


The Syrian Army’s plan for retaking Aleppo city is based on the doctrine of steadfastness and consistency:



The Syrian Army’s plan on how to deal with the pockets in Damascus governorate shows that pockets of resistance need not be a problem if they are properly bypassed and isolated:

rif damisq


The Syrian Army’s plan to retake and hold the rebel stronghold of Idlib is based on previous experience and doubles as a cross-Syria marathon track to keep the soldiers fit and healthy:

idlib salient


The Syrian Army’s plan on how to defend besieged Deir ez-Zor shows that abandoning their own besieged pockets is not the way to win the war. It shows besieged Deir ez-Zor standing strong against ISIL until assistance that will break the siege can arrive.

deir ez zor


Time will tell how effective these strategies will be, even though our source tells us that the SAA staff “has never been more optimistic during this war”.