ISIL members moving their families from Mosul to Syria’s Al Bab, after moving them from Raqqa to Mosul

ISIL family routeThe route to safety that families of ISIL fighters have taken during the last 1-2 months

MOSUL – Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) fighters are allegedly moving their family members en masse from Iraq’s Mosul to Syria’s Al-Bab, on the other side of their self proclaimed caliphate.

The move follows new victories of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) against ISIL along the Euphrates basin, which included the capture of Tishrin dam that enabled them to cross the river and threaten to completely cut off ISIL from Turkey. This comes after a report earlier this year that ISIL high officials were moving their family members from their capital of Raqqa to Mosul amid SDF victories 40km from Raqqa and the looming shadow of an offensive on the city.

Now with the only exit from ISIL-held lands slowly closing, our confidential source in Mosul told us that everyone wants to be as close to the exit as possible before it closes, but that the families are tired of moving, and that many think Allah might get angry by their lack of faith. Our source also added: “Everyone is scared…I mean the ISIL fighters, you should have seen the furious faces on some of those family members when they were told they will be moved again…I think those ISIL fighters getting bombed on the front lines are the lucky ones right now.”

The move from Mosul to Al-Bab takes a slower, more southern detour through the desert because the direct route had been cut by the Kurdish Peshmerga at Sinjar in November, further adding to the strain of the journey.

Through our exclusive channels we managed to get a hold of a phone interview with one ISIL fighter’s furious wife. “Did I join the sex jihad for this!? To run the Syria-Iraq marathon every two months!? Instead of moving us why isn’t that good for nothing beheading Kurds and Nusairys so that we don’t have to move, hm? I’ve had it with this sex jihad without the sex! He spends all his time with his Yazidi slaves anyway!” she said. We have been unable to reach her again for more information on how the move is progressing.

A video of an ISIL meeting surfaced on social media, which showed them discussing the issue, one fighter saying that they have already made further plans to move the families from Al-Bab to Dabiq (where according to ISIL beliefs the final apocalyptic battle where Muslims will be victorious will occur), in case Al-Bab is threatened by the nearby pro-Assad forces. When another fighter asked why not move everyone into Dabiq in the first place instead of Al-Bab, he was taken outside by the commanders and shot for lack of faith.

The most senior commander in the group then informed the others that there is no lack of faith in the move, but that Al-Baghdadi himself notified him that the move of family members was a cunning plot to deceive the enemy and make ISIL appear weak before it strikes again, adding that the fall of Ramadi, Mahin, Sinjar, Al-Hawl, Kuweires airbase, villages east of Azaz and Tishrin dam, as well as earlier defeats in Hasakah, Tal Abyad, Baiji, Tikrit, Kobane and Samarra were all part of this elaborate plot and that ISIL is in no way actually losing the war.