Syrian Army captures another house, projected to reach Al-Bab by 2021

Al Bab

KUWEIRES – The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) has captured another house from ISIL in a village north of Kuweires airbase, towards the strategic town of Al-Bab in northern Aleppo province, Syrian state media has reported.

Jubilant crowds were shown celebrating in the streets of the coastal city of Tartus, and nearly tens of people in other parts of the country controlled by the government. “The Lion of Syria continues to steamroll the traitorous proxies of Turkey and Israel!” one of the men celebrating on the streets said to our reporter. Another echoed his sentiment: “Soon secular torture centers will prevail against barbaric jihadism!”

“The strategic house taken in a village north of Kuweires airbase will be used as a crucial staging ground for the offensive on the strategic house next to it that is still held by ISIL,” an SAA commander told us while drawing future salients on a map. “We’re racing the SDF for north Aleppo province. The trick is to go as slow as possible to confuse them by making them think that we are weak and short on manpower,” another commander added as he was counting available fighters with the fingers of his left hand.

Another officer said that they could be advancing faster if they were getting enough help from their allies. “Tens of thousands of bombs and/or men from Russia, Hezbollah, Iranian Revolutionary guards and mercenaries and Iraqi militias just aren’t enough, why are all our allies being so selfish? If we only had military involvement from China, Cuba, North Korea and Algeria on our side, then perhaps we would be advancing at a rate of two houses per month!” the officer complained and added: “Still, where we lack in numbers, we will make up in strategy. We have a special plan that should enable us to reach Al-Bab in only five years time. We’re thinking of making a salient north to Al-Bab and then taking the town and holding the salient forever. It has worked for us in the past. Sadly there are no mountains around our would-be salient to cover us, but we’ll have to manage with what we have.”