This is the only serious part of this website.


Welcome to The Daily Scimitar, a parody news website about events in the greater Middle East and related developments. This website is purely satirical, and as such should not be taken seriously, nor used as a real news source. Our articles are not about real events, though the fake news items published here may (and usually do) draw upon other events or facts which are real, hence some articles may not be completely clear to people who do not follow real news from the region. Although we will write about the Middle East as a whole and beyond, we will mostly focus on countries and areas affected by the Arab spring.

The purpose of The Daily Scimitar is entertainment and critique of policies and common (mis)perceptions/stereotypes via humor. We cannot stress enough that our purpose or motivation is NOT to endorse or glorify racism, stereotypes or violence in any way. Our sense of humor is often dark and uncompromising, but that’s because we have a clear understanding of the difference between humor and reality. Much of the Middle East is currently a tragic mess and some of the things that have happened or are happening are beyond appalling, but despite this, it is also a place close to our hearts. This is why we offer an alternative, more easy going and lightheaded take on current events. We believe that the purpose of satire is and should be deeper and more meaningful than just entertainment. Humor is art, and it can be used to creatively express critique and condemnation of certain events, practices and policies. It is after all no wonder that satirists are usually treated as serious threats by various less free governments and regimes, for well placed ridicule often wounds deeper than the sword.

If all of the above does not resonate well with you, the reader, and if you are the kind of person that is easily offended by dark humor – leave.

If not, then welcome, and we hope you find this place entertaining.


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